Introduction: Fallout X-01 Power-armor Cosplay Build

About: Hello and welcome to my profile, I am fairly new to the world of prop building and cosplay though I have great ambition and wish to create more as I learn. lets get out there and learn something!

Hello and welcome to my X-01 power armor cosplay build. I have spent over a year making, perfecting, and learning how to build this beast! When I started I was fairly new to cosplay and prop building but was eager and determined to create a cosplay from one of my most beloved games!


For this build I used 10mm EVA foam from Harbor freight, a razor knife, weldwood contact cement, quick seal, plastidip, PVC pipe, wood 2x4's, plywood, PVA filament/ 3dprinter, assorted electronics and airflow devices ranging from blower fans to SMD LED panels, FW airbrush paints / airbrush, fabric & fabric foam, sewing machine, needle & thread, creature cast rubber, pepakura designer 4, meshmixer 3d editor, and last but not least my trusty glue gun with plenty of glue!

Step 1: The Planning Phase.

I went onto the net and began the long process of learning how to use meshmixer 3d editor, Blender, and pepakura designer 4, YouTube was a tremendous resource pool of knowledge with how too's and great tutorials, this phase took me about a month to become proficient enough for my needs. I was new to this so forgive my lack of photos plus my HDD became corrupted and I lost about half of my media for this build.

Step 2: The Beginning of Trace Cut and Assemble.

The photos you see here ran the course of 7 months, this was the hardest part for me because I had never used foam or built a 3d puzzle before so I was about to learn the hard way on how to properly use the contact cement with the EVA foam to get a proper bond, a lot of this was created by much trial and error but was eventually finished and finally ready for the plastidip. For the beginner I will tell you about your greatest tool when building a complex structure and that tool is patience, you will need it and it will be your greatest ally!

Step 3: Time to Seal the Work & Protect My Investment!

This was the most expensive part of this build, I am 6'4 and am 280lbs so it would be safe to assume that I used a ridiculous amount of plastidip, about 24 cans to be exact and this process took about a month to complete.

Step 4: Paint, Rigging, and Detail.

This phase of my build was my favorite yet because of my corrupted HDD I have lost the bulk of it and am sad to say this is all I have left of my build, I lost 20 gigs of video and photos over 100 hrs of work lost so I urge the budding entrepreneur to back up everything you record. I attached the costume together using nylon strapping and plastic quick clip buckles, all being held by my waste and shoulders. All joints are reinforced by creature cast rubber for durability. my entire air handling and led system are powered by a replaceable or rechargeable 12 volt DC power supply with on/off switch, and the whole costume with boots only weighs 50 lbs total. The power-armor is scaled to real life proportions and I stand at 7'-2in 7'-6in at max hose height.

Step 5: Learn, Create, Then Enjoy!

The best thing about this new world I've walked into are the friends, fellow creators and those who continue to guide and educate freely and passionately thank you and I look forward to sharing my next build with you in 10X's more detail!