Introduction: Fancy Napkin Ring

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When having a special dinner, the decorations are as important as the food. They will set the ambience and will make your guests feel special even if they are dining in the same dining room as every day.

This napkin ring is the perfect piece to add to the centre of the dish and make your usual tableware look fancier.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For each balking ring you will need:

Round faceted beads

2 Small beads

2 Drop shaped beads

Thin wire


Step 2: Make One End.

Thread a small bead and a drop bead as shown in he picture. The wire should go back into the drop bead, pull the wire with the pliers

Step 3: Add More Beads

Now thread the round faceted beads, feel free to add different shapes or colours, make a design that will complement your table.

Make a ring with the wire and twist the end as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Repeat

Finish the ring by repeating the first step, with a drop shaped bead and a small bead. Trim the excess of wire.
That's it, now let's have dinner!

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