Introduction: Fancy Umbrella Using Straws

This Instructable shows you how to build a Fancy Umbrella with just straws, the umbrella contains all the mechanics as that of a real one, but won't protect you from rain. This instructable uses a Strawbees kit, and recycled straws or the found in the kit.

This instructable is fairly simple and can be easily made by anyone.

Step 1: Materials

Materials Required

  • Strawbees Kit
  • 1 Long Straw or join 2 regular drinking straws.
  • 5 Regular Straws
  • 10 Small straws (Regular straws cut into half)
  • 12 single leg Strawbees
  • 2 Five leg Strawbees
  • 5 Two leg Strawbees

All of these materials are a part of the Strawbees kit so you can get one of those kits to get started.

Step 2: Starting Up

After you have all of the parts lets get started...

Take the long Straw (join two regular straws together) and attach one of its ends to a single leg Strawbee.

Then take a 5 leg Strawbee and join it to the single leg Strawbee as shown in the image.

Bend the legs of the 5 led Strawbee to make them flexible.

Step 3: Creating the Mechanics

Take two single leg Strawbees and one double leg Strawbee, attach the one leg Strawbee to the double leg Strawbee as shown in the picture.

Attach the other single leg Strawbee as shown in the picture.

Repeat these steps until you have five of these tiny mechanics.

This forms the basic mechanics of the Umbrella.

Step 4: Mechanics 2

Attach the small straws to the mechanics one to the moving end and one to a stationary end (refer to the picture).

Repeat the steps and complete it for the rest of the mechanics.

Attach the tiny mechanical parts to the each of the five leg Strawbee from the first step.

Step 5: Completing

Then, bend the legs of the last 5 leg straw bee and connect them to the small straws as shown in the picture.

Add the remaining straws to each of the reaming legs of the mechanics and now you have your umbrella.

The last single leg Strawbee goes to the other end of the long straw.

Now if you should be having an umbrella with all the mechanics just like a normal one. Have Fun...