Introduction: Fart Harvesting 101

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I recently caught my 4 year old nephew attempting to fart into a jar in the hopes of saving it for later to "surprise" Grandpa.

This is not the first time I have encountered a little boy with a dream of bottling his own farts. Years ago my younger cousin, lets call him "J", had a whole shelf of dated mason jars in their barn. He was very proud of his collection.

I remember a few kids I babysat had similar aspirations, not to mention that I also once overheard my boss in the next room talking about the same thing.

It drives me nuts! Not that they are attempting to bottle their farts, I think farting is hilarious, but that they attempt to collect the farts in a very crude and inefficient manner.

I am writing this Instructable in the hopes that it will inspire fart bottlers everywhere to improve their technique.

This technique, while simple, does require a body of water.


You will need a receptacle. A sealable transparent wide mouthed jar or bottle should do the trick.
(A funnel will come in handy if you are using a narrow mouthed bottle).

A body of water. A bathtub will work well for this, though it could be done in a swimming pool or natural body of water, like a river, lake, or ocean.

Technique (Receptacle Prep)

  1. Lower a jar into the water
  2. Let it fill completely with water
  3. Flip the jar upside down, keeping the mouth of the jar below the water level. (As long as the mouth of the jar remains below water level, the water should not drain out of the jar.)

Step 1: Filling the Receptacle

The goal is to fart under water and catch the fart bubbles in the upside-down jar. The farts should rise into the jar and displace the water.

I'll let you figure out what is the best, and most likely awkward, position for you to achieve this. It might also be easiest to do this without clothes blocking the path of the gas into your jar.

Step 2: Finishing Up

Don't worry if you don't fill the whole jar in one session, you can continue to fill it later.

While the mouth of the jar is still under water, screw on the lid, remove the bottle from the water and towel dry it. You can also store the jar upside down.

Congratulations! What is not water in your jar should be pure unadulterated fart!

(If you want to continue filling the jar later, just make sure to place the jar upside down with the mouth of the jar under water before unscrewing and continuing to fill.)

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