Introduction: Fashion Earrings Under 15 Minutes!

Us girls always need accessories.

But what happens when you have a new outfit but not the right earrings and you need to be ready ASAP? Well, you go to your office and build yourself a pair of pretty little things

This instructable will show you how to create a simple yet gorgeous pair of earrings using stuff from the office supply store or even things you already have.  You will obtain a bold geometric pattern

Step 1: The Things You Need

Materials you need:

- left over piece of cardboard or craft paper
- 10 blue push pins
- 8 yellow push pins
- Left over fabric, preferably in a matching color
- Earring wires: I used old earrings that'd lost their match


- Needle nose pliers
- Cutting pliers
- hot glue gun
- Scissors

Note: The amount of push-pins needed depends on the size you want to make the earrings

Step 2: Design the Pattern

I wanted to create a bold geometric pattern, so the first thing to do is cut 2 cardboard squares, around 3x3 cm (this doesn't have to be accurate, since you will cut it at the end)

The earrings will have a  "checkers panel" pattern. I suggest you first layout the push-pins in the cardboard and after you are happy with the arrangement pull them out and glue them back.

In one of the cardboard pieces start pin pushing: 

First row : a blue push-pin, then a yellow, then a blue. Make sure they overlap a little so you also get the feeling of volume

Build the second row, but this time start with a yellow push-pin. follow by blue, then yellow.

The third  row starts with a blue, then yellow then blue.

Then do this on the other cardboard piece

Step 3: Trim the Pins and Glue the Ends

Once the pins are neatly glued to the cardboard you need to cut the pins (scratches on the side of your neck are not trendy, well, maybe in Halloween...)

Cut them as close to the cardboard as possible (wear safety goggles! the bits go out flying and can be dangerous)

Then, for extra safety, put a little bit of hot glue to each of the metal ends.

After done, cut the excess of cardboard so the piece is nicely shapped

Step 4: Placing the Wire and Covering the Back

Now it's time to place the wire.

I salvaged the wire from old mismatched earrings.

Carefully stick the wire to one of the corners of your piece to get a diamond shape

Once the wire is set, glue the fabric to the back so you cover the messy sight

Cut the excess fabric and clean any stings of glue you find

Step 5: And Time to Go Out!

You look gorgeous baby!

Now all there's left it's to find an excuse to go out and show off!

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