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Fuchsia bridesmaid's dress

Fuchsia backless wrapped bridesmaid's dress. Absolutely easy to make and it looks amazing!

Material: 1.5 meter (45 inches in width) Recommended using the well draped fabric in solid color.

Step 1:

This design is very much like an apron dress.

Measure the width of the dress's front to cover your front generously. For our bridesmaid design, we kept it knee length and the front piece's measurement is about 45 inches long.Cut out 3 main pieces and 4 tie pieces.

Step 2:

Attach the two side pieces to the front piece and sew on the ties. Hem everything nicely to have a clean, finished look.

Step 3:

The finished design should give you a nice open back and a very good fitting once you wrapped your waist ties.

Our model Olivia Portt wears the design beautifully.

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