Introduction: Fast, Easy Stenciling With Hemp Paint

Learn how to create a panel for a card front, mixed media project or art journaling page with stencils, hemp paint and black card stock! Very quick and easy! All supplies environmentally friendly.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

For this project you'll need a stencil and paint. You can use acrylic paint, but I used environmentally friendly hemp paint. Also, the stencils I used are made by Hero Arts, a certified green company. The stencils measure approximately 5 1/4 by 6 1/2 inches. Also, you'll need black cardstock, cut just a little larger than 5 1/4 by 6 1/2 inches. All supplies can be found at

Step 2: Begin Stenciling With the Peacock Stencil.

I used washi tape to hold the peacock stencil down, but you could use other tape that is light tack. Using blue, green and gold Izink nature paint, you'll begin stenciling. Begin with the blue or green, using a sponge. I cut up a circular sponge I had on hand. You'll want to use a small amount of paint, by sponging on a scrap piece of paper a little before sponging over the stencil. You can always add more paint as needed, but if you use too much paint, it will bleed under the stencil. You'll just randomly add one color, and then switch to another color. At the end I added gold, just to give a pop of color.

Step 3: Pull Up the Stencil.

After you have all areas covered, carefully remove the washi tape, pull up the stencil and let dry. It's always fun to see how it looks after pulling up the stencil.

Step 4: Stenciling the Butterfly Stencil

Tack down the butterfly stencil with washi tape to the black cardstock. Begin with yellow paint, stenciling in the background areas. Again, stamp off a little paint before applying the paint through the stencil, to reduce bleed under the stencil. This is a very inexact process, so don't worry if you sponge ink over the lines you are trying to stay in between! The colors overlapping a little gives it a bit of a watercolor, fun look. Next add the red paint to the butterfly and flowers. Stencil in the green paint to the leaves. Mix a little of the red and yellow paint to make orange. You'll stencil that around the border.

Step 5: Pulling Up the Butterfly Stencil

Once you have the paint everywhere, pull up the butterfly stencil and let dry. Try this with other stencils and colors of paint! These panels can then be used to create a card, used in an art journal, cut up and used in a mixed media piece.