Introduction: Fast N Furious Bicycle Helmet

this is a silly bicycle helmet inspired by fast n furious


Essential :

  • cardboard
  • ruller
  • cutting knive
  • glue or glue gun (works better and faster)
  • acrylic black paint
  • helmet


  • cutting mat
  • paint of your choice

Step 1: Main Body

measure and cut a rectangle (15* 6 cm for the bottom part)

i put two parts so that it is a little stronger

cut a smaller rectangle (15* 3 cm for the top part)

glue them together

Step 2: Fins


  • use the main body for measurments
  • draw your design based on the measurments
  • cut it out.

Fin 2:

  • use fin 1 to draw the second fin as they need to be symetrical
  • cut it out as well (carefully)

glueing fins to main body

  • put them in the order as shown in the picture
  • stick the first one on the height you want
  • when its dry glue the other one (they should be on the same height as they are copies of each other)

Step 3: Brachets

  • take 4 pieces of cardboard of the same size
  • glue them togeter so you end up with 2
  • draw and cut a brachet
  • use the cut out to draw and cut the second brachet

when its done use glue gun or glue to stick it together to the main body

Step 4: Paint

use acrylic paint to cover it

with the glue to stick the spoiler to the helmet

Step 5:

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