Introduction: Fast Sling Puck

Hi All,

We all are fighting Covid 19, by staying at home, Because of kids are not allowed to play with their friends or go out and play. Online gaming and other online activities have increased.

This is a quick build project and can help you to keep your kids away from the screen. This will improve decision making, motor skills, hand-eye coordination....

Hope you like it and make one

Step 1: What Do We Need?

  • Wooden Plank : Mine is 7" x 15" rectangle
  • Thick Cardboard
  • PVA glue or Fevicol (India)
  • Old plastic coins from carom or any other game
  • Rubber bands
  • one wooden skewer
  • Cutter
  • Paper tape

Step 2: Borders

  • To make a the borders, I cut 0.75" strips of the cardboard
  • Using PVA glue, stick the cardboard strips on the sides of the wooden plank
  • Remember to clean the plank and it's sides before you start
  • Let this dry for 30 minutes

Step 3: Center

  • The center piece has a rectangular slot
  • Glue the center piece as shown
  • The length of the slot is 1.8 times the diameter on the coins
  • 2 coins should not be able to pass, side by side
  • Let the glue dry for 30 minutes

Step 4: Neat and Tidy

  • The cardboard did not look good, I covered it with paper tape
  • This will also increase some life

Step 5: Sling

  • For the sling, I have used rubber bands, any other elastic material will also work
  • From each ends, I cut one slit at distance of 1.5" on each side
  • Using a small skewers, tie the rubber band across as show on each side
  • Test the coins are able to move across
  • Adjust the height and tension of the rubber band, as needed

Step 6: Play On

  • Rules
    • Each player has 5 coins at the start
    • Both players have to sling all their pucks on the other side
    • If the puck goes out, it lands back with the the player, who shot it out
    • The first one to get rid of all pucks is the winner
  • Play this game with your friends and kids,
  • This game involves, fast decision making, faster flexes and improves hand to eye coordination

Hope you make one. Please share your comments and suggestions