Introduction: Fast and Cheap Desktop Polisher

Repurposed a 55 year old shoe polisher into a quiet, compact desktop polisher for rings and such.

Step 1: Marterials:

Antique shoe polisher. I found mine at a swapmeet for $2.00. It's made by Dremel. Bonus!
Arbor and polishing pad. $6.00 from Harbor Freight

Step 2: Tools:

Small flathead screwdriver
Sidecutters or snips
Belt sander (optional)
1/8 drill bit
Small screw and tap (I don't know what size they are, I just scrounged around and found a couple that worked.)

Step 3: Shoe Polishers Be Gone!

1. Remove the old shoe polishing drum.
To do this turn your polisher upside-down.
2. Looking down between the case and the drum there should be a cutout in the case which will allow access to the set screw that holds the drum to the shaft.
3. Using your small flathead screwdriver loosen the set screw in the collar.
4. Now the drum should pop off.
5. Repeat the process for the other side.

Step 4: Destroy the Drum:

1. Remove the fuzzy stuff off the drum.
2. Using some side cutters and hacksaw cut away the plastic drum until all you have left is the metal collar. (I left a bit of plastic around the shaft to keep it symmetrical.)
3. I used my sander to round off the rough edges.

Step 5: Adding the Set Screw:

1. Now the collar is clean. It's time to install a set screw to hold the arbor for the new polisher.
2. Find a matching tap, bit and screw. I don't know what size I used. I just found some that would work and of course they aren't marked except the bit. It is a 1/8 in
3. Drill a hole in one side of the collar and tap it.

Step 6: Put It All Together:

1. Put collar on motor shaft and tighten set screw.
2. Put polishing pad on arbor.
3. Insert polishing arbor into collar and tighten your set screw. (I was very lucky, the hole in the collar was exactly the same size as the arbor.)
4. Your new polisher is ready to go.
I only put a polishing pad on one side. I plan on installing a drill chuck on the other side. Unfortunately the chuck is lost somewhere in the garage.
That will be a later upgrade.