Introduction: Fast and Cheap Penguin Army

Build your own penguin army using common office supplies.

Step 1: Materials:

1. Ballons, I prefer black, but it's your army you choose any color you like. 12 pack $0.99
2. Several sheets of white paper. Every office has this stuff floating around.
3. Several sheets of yellow paper, I used some card stock. if yellow card stock isn't available a couple old manila file folders would work.
4. Scissors, if you don't have any just tear it with your fingers.
5. Letter opener, really anything pokey that can make a hole in card stock.
6. Clear tape. if you don't have any check the desk next door I bet they do.
7. air, there's usually someone in the office with plenty of it to spare.

Step 2: Body Building

Blow up your ballons, remember to vary your sizes, not all penguins are created the same.

Step 3: Paper Parts

1. Belly is just an oval cut out ofwhite copy paper.
2. Feet and Beak are cut out of yellow card stock or manila file folders.
3. Using sharp object (letter opener) make hole in feet for baloon nubbin.
4. Fold beak in half to form triangle.

Step 4: Attach Belly and Feet.

1. Pull ballon nubbin through hole in feet.
2. Tape heels of feet to body. This helps stabilize your penguin.
3. Tape belly to body. I just used a couple pieces of rolled up tape. (Double sided tape would be ideal.)
4. Tape folded beak to face.

Step 5: Penguin Completed

Repeat all steps until your Penguin Army is complete. In order to maintain ranks and formation, tape feet to solid surface.