Introduction: Fathers Day Card

Here's how to make a fun Father's Day card in less than five minutes... But just as loving!

Step 1: Materials

You will need any size paper, coloring/writing supplies, and an imagination.

Step 2: Folding

First fold your paper in half ( hot dog style)

Step 3: Folding 2

Now open that up and now fold the halves in half to make four columns.

Step 4: Folding 3

Take the top corner flaps and fold them outward.

Step 5: Folding 4

Now turn it around and flip it over and fold the end up just a little bit.

Step 6: Folding 5

Flip it back and fold the bottom corners in but not all the way.

Step 7: Folding 6

Now bring the open end to the part we just folded by folding the entire thing in half. And tuck the edge into the corner part of the collar.

Step 8: Message

You can write on the front of the shirt and if you untuck the shirt from the collar you can write your full message in there!

Step 9: Personalize

And now you can color in the shirt as you please! Happy Father's Day !