How to Make a Clay Rose

Introduction: How to Make a Clay Rose

Here is how to make a cool clay rose in minutes!

Step 1: Get Your Materials

You will need clay of any kind.

Step 2: Petals

Now take little balls of clay and smush them down to create petals. Make at least five.

Step 3: Middle

Now make a slightly larger smush of a ball and roll it up.

Step 4: Cut Bottom

The piece you just created needs to be trimmed , so just take scissors and trim the bottom so that it may stand straight up.

Step 5: Petals

Now wrap the petals around the base.

Step 6: Finally

Now let the rose dry and your all done. Some clays may require being painted.

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Question 5 weeks ago on Introduction

I have bought clay powder instead of clay mould.. can you please help me in how to use that. Can't return the and will not refund . Please help


6 months ago

I know how to make flowers like you !


7 years ago

Those are pretty awesome flowers