Introduction: Faux Fur Crochet Scarf Pattern

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Playing around with Go For Faux yarn by Lion Brand Yarns this winter has given me the inspiration for this luscious scarf. This yarn is seriously snuggly AF!

Seriously, you're going to want to feel this yarn.

Go out and grab some skeins of your own and let's get hookin'!

Step 1: Supplies Needed:

- 5 Skeins of Go For Faux Thick & Quick Yarn in the color Black Panther by Lion Brand Yarns

- 19 mm Crochet Hook

- Scissors

Step 2: Make a Foundation Chain

1- Cast the yarn onto the hook.

2- Ch 30 ( Wrap yarn over the hook and pull working yarn through the loop. This is 1 chain.)

3- With all 30 chains, smooth out your foundation chain and fold it over itself making sure not to twist it.

4- Find the 1st chain and sl st into it. This will close up your foundation chain so we are now crocheting in the round.

Step 3: Row 1-9

1- Ch 1, HDC into the same st under the Ch 1 that was just made.

2- Continue to HDC around until you reach the 1st HDC. Make sure you are keeping count of the stitches. Don't feel bad about having to count them over a few times :)

3- Sl St into the 1st HDC. This closes up the first complete row.

4- For rows 2-9, repeat steps 1-3.

Step 4: Connecting Two Skeins of Yarn Together

1- When the working yarn is running out, grab another skein of yarn. We will be making a magic knot to tie them together.

2- Place the working yarn under the new yarn, wrap it over the new yarn and pull it through the loop just created. Repeat with the new yarn. Now there are two knots. Holding on to both pieces of yarn, pull them together to close the knots tightly. This technique works the best for me and holds up even after washing.

Step 5: Row 10

1- Cut the working yarn about 6 inches from the hook.

2- Finish off the end by weaving this piece in. To achieve this, pull through the yarn under the 1st st, and over the 2nd st. Continue that pattern until the working yarn is fully integrated into the scarf. Do this for the beginning portion of the scarf as well. Find the extra yarn and weave it in fully.

3- Find any spots that yarn has been attached to each other and trim the excess pieces off. Being careful not the cut the actual knot holding the two strands of yarn together :)

4- Now go out and ROCK your new Faux Fur Scarf!!!!

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