Introduction: Faux-Succulent Side Table

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It all started with a dangerous (for me) trip to Restore...I found a 18 1/2"x 15" piece of glass for $3. I had no idea what I was going to do with it...but I knew I needed it! (sort of). Thanks to Pinterest, I got so many ideas of what to do with it. And with the gardening contest going on I decided it was going to be a must for my new bedroom.

Glass and succulents add a modern touch to any room they are in.

I decided on faux succulents because I always struggle keeping succulents alive and they are much more affordable for projects like this.

Step 1: Materials

  • (1) 14 3/4'' x 18 1/2'' piece of glass. Mine is 1/4'' thick but since it is just a light duty side table thinner will be just fine
  • (1) 11"x11" 1/2'' thick plank or plywood
  • (2) 11'' 5 1/2'' piece of pine (the piece I used is 3/4'' thick but however thick yours is will change the length of the next piece)
  • (2) 12 1/2" x 5 1/2" piece of pine
  • (4) 2' long 2x4s
  • (8) 1/8'' stick on felt pads
  • Succulents: make sure to get a variety of color, texture, size and shape
  • Pea gravel or a small, decorative stones(optional) an interesting shaped or colored rock

Step 2: Tools

  • Small nail gun and nails; to make the box
  • 1 1/2'' screws; to screw the 2x4s on to the box
  • Scissors; for trimming succulents
  • Drill; to screw in the screws on the 2x4s and for drilling an inlay for the felt pads
  • 1/8'' drill bit; to drill a slight inlay for the felt pads
  • Sander; to clean up the wood since I used some reclaimed wood (not shown in any pics or steps)
  • 1/8" drill bit; to predrill the holes for the 2x4s

Step 3: Assemble the Pieces of the Box

Starting with the 11'' 5 1/2'' pieces, use the nail gun to nail them to the 11'' x 11'' square piece.

Once those are attached, nail on the 12 1/2'' pieces, covering the ends of the 11'' pieces

To ensure that all the pieces are flush on the bottom, make sure to do this on a flat surface or workbench.

Step 4: Attach 2x4s

Pre-drill the holes to attach the 2x4s. Drill 2 holes 1/2'' off of the wall 1 1/2'' apart.

Then with the 2x4 raised 1'' above the top of the box, attach the 2x4s making sure they are flush all the way along the box. Do this for all 4, 2x4s

Step 5: Drill an Inlay

Using the 1/8 inch bit, drill a verry shallow hole in the end grain of the 2x4s, just enough to have 1 pad inlayed without sticking out. Than put a second pad over the first one, this way it will give more cushioning for the glass. Then put the glass on top just to make sure it doesnt wobble...if it does you either need to add a pad on top of a 2x4 or drill a little deeper.

Step 6: Trim Succulents and Add Gravel

Now that the box is finished we can start the fun part!

So I have pics of all the ones I chose...I got mine at Hobby Lobby (coupon at the end :) and was very pleased with the quality and realism.

Add the pea gravel or decorative stone. It should be at LEAST 2" deep; mine was more like 4".

You may have to trim the stems to let the actual succulents rest on the gravel.

Step 7: Arrange Succulents

I have the bigger succulents in opposite corners. I got one with long almost fingers...which I draped out one side for a live climbing look.

I added the rock to take up a little more space and it makes it look more natural.

I took one of the succulents apart and stuck them in where it needed a little color and looked a little bland.

After put them in rearrange them a few times until you find the look you like.

after they are where you want bank up a little gravel around the bases of the succulents

Step 8: Center the Glass

I didnt glue or fasten down the glass because I wanted it to be easily removable for cleaning. If you think of any ways to fasten if down but make it easily removable please say something about it in the comments !!!

Step 9: All Done !!!

If you make this please share pics below ↓↓↓

If you are planning on purchasing the succulents form Hobby Lobby...than here is a link to the coupon for 40% off of your highest priced grab a few friends and have each one check out separately. but it's only good in May so hurry hurry !!!

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Well thats all folks! Have a good rest of your day and I hope you try this project!!!

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