Introduction: Faux Window With Flower Box-wall Décor: Mother’s Day Gift

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I always love the idea of the window with flower box. It always looks pretty. From there I got the idea. And it is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. I did not spend much here. I used cardboard which is easily available at home. For making the window I used the popsicle stick and for the window glass, I used clear plastic food container. So, let’s get into this detail.

What you need for this project:

1) Cardboard 8x12 inch 3 pieces

2) Cardboard 2x8 inch 1 piece

3) Styrofoam 2x8 inch 1 piece

4) popsicle sticks 8 inch

5) Acrylic color (white and blue)

6) disposable clear plastic food containers

7) white cotton fabric 4x8 inch 2 pieces

8) ribbon 12 inch

9) glue

10) artificial flowers

Step 1: Making Wall or the Base:

So first, we need to make the wall or you can say base of the project. Here I took 3 pieces of Cardboard 8x12 inch. Using glue, I stick one cardboard on top of another. Like this all 3 cardboard I stick together for making the base strong. Now we need to color the cardboard. So 8x8 inch area I colored with blue acrylic paint and rest of the area I painted with white paint. (In my video, you can see I first made the window and then I colored the cardboard)

Step 2: Making Curtains and Adding Hanging Option:

Now we are done the coloring. So, we need to make the curtains.

But before making the curtain we need to add the hanging option using the ribbon. So, on the blue painted area on the top of the cardboard using some glue, I stick the ribbon’s one edge and another edge another side of the cardboard. I used this ribbon for hanging the décor on the wall.

Making this curtain I used white cotton fabric 4X8 inch 2 pieces need. On top of the cardboard blue painted area where I stick the ribbon there, You need to stick the white fabric as you can see in the pic.

So, it looks like 2 window curtain hanging. For giving some realistic look I gave small small fold on fabric and glued it. You can see in the pic. It will look like the curtain. Then using glue I stick the popsicles, 4 sides of the curtains so it gives the look of the window frame.

Step 3: Making Window and Window Glass:

For making the window I took 4 popsicles and make a square and using glue I secured all the 4 corners. Then took other 2 popsicles and stick like plus symbol. Now it’s looking like the window you can see in the pic. For more realistic look we will make window glass. For making this, I used clear plastic food containers and cut into square shape 4 pieces. Now stick these with glue to the window for window glass. Now it has complete window look. Then we need to stick this window to that window frame we made before.

Step 4: Making Window Flower Box:

For making this flower box first we need to take Styrofoam 2x8 inch 1 piece and cardboard 2x8 inch 1 piece and using glue stick together. Then cardboard side needs to paint with white paint. And now we need to stick this part to the bottom part of the base cardboard where I painted white. And remember when sticking Styrofoam side will be up and cardboard side will be down. Then take 2 popsicles and put in parallel position and the take another 3 popsicles and cut into half and you get 6 pieces. Then you need to stick these 6 popsicles to the parallel popsicles. So, it looks like the fence. Now you need to color it into white and stick it. And do the same for the side also. So as you can see our window flower box is ready.

Step 5: Finishing Touch With Flower:

So, our faux window with flower box is ready now we need to give a finishing touch. I bought some flowers from the dollar store. So, one by one I cut the flowers sticks into half so it can fit into the flower box. Using these flowers, I decorate the flower box. Now it’s completely ready. I hanged on my wall ?

I am satisfied with the look. And It is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone in advance ?

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