Author Spotlight: Shesparticular



Kate Jackson, better known on the site as shesparticular, makes beautiful and whimsical and delicious projects (sometimes at all at once.) Kate is willing to answer questions about her projects here on Instructables or via Twitter (@shesparticular), and she might even take on some writing or design work if you ask her very, very nicely. I had the opportunity to ask her some questions about her projects, her background, and her influences.

You’ve been successful in several Instructables contests. What advice would you give to other authors who want to improve their showing in contests?

I tend not to try to think of things to post solely for the sake of contests, but rather things that I'd like to share with the Instructables community - I think that helps some. If you create something that is of use to you, you're almost certain to put more care and thought into it, which will result in a better end product.

You majored in English Literature in school, what literary character do you think best exemplifies the maker mentality?

That's an exceedingly difficult question because there are so many characters that I adore, but that I hope very much that I'm nothing like. I've always loved Rudyard Kipling's "If - " which I think kind of speaks to the maker attitude I try to espouse.

Who from the Instructables community has made an impact on the quality of your projects?

For sure I'd have to say mikeasaurus (whose projects are always so awesome and inspiring) and Ninzerbean (who is so amazingly kind and and suggested getting a tripod - seriously cannot thank her enough). Also, everyone who has been nice enough to subscribe and/or post comments on things I've posted. I love getting feedback from the Instructables community through comments, messages, or Twitter - it's always so great to hear what people think of things of posted and the great ideas they have for possible modifications or improvements. Also, of course, Eric and Christy and the rest of the Instructables staff.

How did you discover the site and what inspired you to start posting projects?

I actually found Instructables while looking for something for work (I think how to modify ear buds for use as a microphone), and after spending far too much time exploring, decided I just had to post something.

Of all the projects that you have posted, which is your favorite?

Jeez, another tough one. I guess I'd have to go with the Gummi Shot Glasses (because they're so simple and great, though the pictures look horrible since they were taken pre-tripod). Or the Baby Pecan Pies, Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes, Orange Dreamcicle Cupcakes, or Cookie Spoons - I guess I really can't just pick one. I'm also pretty darn fond of the 35mm Film Bag, 35mm Save the Date, and 3D Invitations - but that's mostly because they turned out exactly as I'd hoped they would (which is always super exciting).

Is there anyone who has been particularly influential towards your work?

I'd have to say my mom and dad are pretty inspiring as both are super creative folks in their own right. Oh, and of course the awesome folks who are willing to be my taste testers and thought-bouncer-offers and don't mind being totally blunt and honest with me.