Introduction: Feed Me Seymour

My son just recently watched Little Shop of Horror and fell in love. He really wanted to be Audrey 2 but we couldn't find anything good enough so we made our own.

Step 1: Swimming Tubes

We bought pool noodles from the dollar store. We only needed 2 for my seven year old. We curved one in an oval shape and taped it together. The second one we cut off half and made a curve to make it more Audrey 2 looking.

Step 2: Two

I made the pot out of cardboard and lots of glue. I just found a tin piece that I could easily roll to shape out. For the top of the Audrey 2 head we glued some brown butcher paper to the top and cut around it to get the shape we wanted. And we added the pink tongue to cover our sons chest.

Step 3: Painting

Next we just painted it as closely as we could to the real Audrey2 as we could because my son really wanted an authentic look to it lol. We used foam brushes to get a better look than regular art brushes.

Step 4: Last Step

We added all the foliage and added padding to the sides of the pot so it wouldn't move so much. We made our own leaves because the craft store leaves were ridiculously expensive. I also later added moss to the top of the pot to cover the padding.

Step 5: Audrey 2

This is him at his first run in his costume

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