Introduction: Felt Catnip Toys

My cats love catnip. Tonight while a friend and I were doing some wet felting (and I didn't want to commit to an hours long project) I ended up going with making catnip filled wet felted balls---which were a hit.

These toys are fast, easy, inexpensive, and an all around great cat toy.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

-Roving wool

-Bamboo mat

-Bubble wrap

-Soap (I have olive oil soap for wet felting)

-Hot water


Step 2: Wool

Take a few pieces of spread out wool and lay it down over your bubble wrap. Add a second layer of wool going in the other direction (crossing). Continue adding wool until you are satisfied with the thickness. The more wool the bigger your ball will be.

Add catnip to the center of your wool.

Step 3: Soap & Water

Keep a bowl of hot soapy water near your work area. I put a tiny piece of olive oil soap into the water and mushed it around.

Wrap, roll, or scrunch up your wool and dunk it into the hot water and then roll the wool gently between your hands for 5-10 minutes. Do not put pressure on the ball. As you work, you'll feel the ball start to harden, this is when you can begin adding pressure.

Keep rolling until the ball begins to feel firm.

Step 4: Dry

When your ball is firm, rinse and allow to dry before allowing your cats to play---which is easier said than done if your cats like catnip as much as Sushi and Stormy do.

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