Introduction: Felt Cherry Plush Keychain

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Today you will learn how to make cute plush felt cherry twins. You can hang it as a key-chain, or just display it as a plush. I made this as a gift for my mother. <3

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

- 3 Sheets of Colored Felt (red, burgundy, and green)

- 4 spools of thread (red, burgundy, black, and green)

- A black marker

- fiber-fill (doll stuffing)

- thin ribbon (optional)

- some paper

- one pipe-cleaner or a piece of wire

- a clothespin or small clamp

- scissors

Step 2: Cutting Out the Sides

Cut out 8 leaf shapes from the red felt. These will form two cherry spheres.

The thickest of the leaf shape times 4 will end up being the circumference of the cherry.

Step 3: Creating the Sphere

Attach the the outer edge or one piece to the outer edge of another, continue attaching edges until one is left, then flip the sphere inside out to hide your stitches. Leave the opening for now.

Step 4: Making the Eyes

Draw on eyes and a mouth with a black marker.

Step 5: Embroidering the Eyes

Use some black thread to embroider the eyes, thread the needle up and down, up and down, filling up the eye with neat, side-by-side stitches.

Then, stuff

Step 6: Preparing the Stem

Cut out a good length of pipe-cleaner to serve as the stem.

Cut a rectangle of burgundy felt that is as long at the pipecleaner and wide enough to be sewn around it.

Fold the rectangle in half and sew the open edge closed, leaving the two small opening across the width of this felt tunnel.

Step 7: Turning the Stem Inside Out

Use a pen or pencil to help you turn the stem inside out to hid your stitches.

Then, put the pipe-cleaner inside the stem.

Use a small clamp to hold one edge of the stem and twist the other end. Sew the open ends closed, making sure the pipe-cleaner can't fall out and the twist doesn't untwist.

Step 8: Attaching the Cherries

Use red thread to attach both cherries to the stem. Fold the pipe-cleaner over to connect them like a real cherry stem. Make sure the cherries face the same way.

Step 9: Leaves

Cut out two leaves from the green felt. Sew a dimple into the base of each leaf so they curl inwards a bit.

Step 10: Attaching the Leaves

Use green thread to attach the leaves to the stem of the cherry.

Step 11: Adding a Ribbon

Tie a bow with some ribbon, or thin yarn and attach it to one of the cherries for a cute embellishment.

If you want, add a metal hoop so this becomes a key-chain, other wise you are done! Enjoy your cute cherries.

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