Introduction: Felt Flower Brooch Tutorial

For less than $10, I made three pins, making this project great for gift giving!

What you will need to make one large (approximately 4.5") pin:
1/8 of a yard of 30" wool felt
Straight pins
Pin back
2.8 cm pin back
Sewing needle
Thread in matching color of wool
Ruler or measuring tape
Hot glue gun or fabric glue

Step 1: Download and Print Pattern

Download feltflowerpattern.jpg and print it out full size (a scale has been placed on each jpg to help with printing at the correct proportions). Cut out the patterns.

Step 2: Cut Felt

Pin the 4.5" flower base pattern to one end of the felt and cut it out. Cut a strip of felt 30" long by 2" wide.

Step 3: Fringe Edge

Snip the length of felt, creating a fringe effect. Make the cuts about a quarter of an inch away from the end. The individual snips should be between a quarter and three-eighths of an inch wide but they do not need to be perfect. The randomness of the size adds to the character of the flower.

Step 4: Gather Felt

Thread your needle with approximately 25" of thread. Along the un-snipped edge, run a gather stitch the length of the fringe. Pull the gather as snug as it will go and tie off the end but do not cut off the excess thread.

Step 5: Shape Flower

Starting at the end with the needle and thread, roll the fringe around itself stay stitching the end to keep it in place. After you have rolled the entire fringe upon itself and stitched to secure the shape, tie off and cut the excess thread.

Step 6: Glue Pin

Glue the pin back to the center of the flower.

Step 7: Cut Heart

Cut out the heart shaped pin cover from the remaining felt* and glue it over the base of the pin back. This covers up any glue and helps to secure the pin further.

*NOTE: I used an alternate color just to jazz up the back but using a second color is not necessary

Step 8: Glue to Base

Apply an ample amount of glue the center back, sewn area of the flower and attach it to the pin base.

Step 9: Finish

To finish flower fluff and separate the petals. Take the scissors and randomly snip and shape the ends of the petals so they are not all at a perfect squared angle.

Smaller Version: To make the smaller version of the flower pin, use the 3.25" base and on step #2 cut the long piece of fabric so it is 30" long by 1.5" wide instead of two.