Introduction: Felt Hair Barrette

Sometimes it is great to have just a dash of color in your hairstyle. I am a big fan of barrettes and I wanted to try something that would give it a little extra dash of fun. Here is a great way I found to create a felt covered barrette to add a little more color to my hairdo

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what you will need to make your felt barrette

Metal barrettes - I got my set of 12 for $0.89

Felt - an 8.5" by 11" sheet costs around $0.25 at your local craft store

Thick thread/yarn/or embroidery floss - another easy find at your local craft store



Step 2: Cut Out Your Felt Pieces

Start by tracing out your barrette on your piece of felt. You will want to trace around the barrette then cut out about an 1/8" outside the line. This will ensure your felt piece is larger than your barrette and will easily slip on in the end.

Now take your cut out felt piece and trace a second piece that will be cut out to the same size. Now you have two felt pieces that are barrette shaped.

Step 3: Create the Pocket in the Felt

Now I needed to create a pocket so that my barrette could slide into the felt part. To do this I took one of my felt pieces and cut it into two pieces about 3/4 of the way down toward the larger end of the piece.

Using the two pieces you will be able to slip the barrette into the felt pocket once it is all sewn together.

Step 4: Sew Felt Pieces Together

Now take your thick thread or embroidery floss and sew the felt pieces together.

Start by laying them out back to back. You will want to sew on both pieces of the one felt piece you cut.

Now stitch the pieces together. I used a simple running stitch with my black thread. You can choose to use another type of stitch instead.

Note: If desired, you can decide to stitch a little design on the front piece of the felt before stitching the pieces together. I really liked the color of the felt so I decided not to. A little stitching on the front could give a extra cute design.

Step 5: Slide Onto the Barrette

Once you have sewn all the way around remember to tie your thread off so the stitching doesn't come out.

Now what you should be left with is a felt piece with a pocket in the back. Open the barrette and slide the long end into the pocket. With the back end you should be able to fold the other side of the felt over top leaving the top of the barrette nicely encased in the felt pocket.

Congrats! You are done! Make as many as you would like.