Introduction: Felt Ice Cream Sundae Plush

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This Instructable is to show you how to make an adorable ice cream plush from felt (complete with ice cream scoops, syrup topping, whipped cream and a cherry, strawberries, and cookie sticks).

Please note, this type of plush should not be given to small children as the parts could come off if pulled on and become a choking hazard.

Step 1: Supplies

What you will need:
-Assorted colors of felt
-Embroidery Floss for detail stitching
-Basic sewing thread
-Polyester FIberfill
-Paper for making patterns
-Inspiration Images

Step 2: The Sundae Dish

I started by making the dish so I know the scale to make all the other parts. I used a drawing program on my computer to make two ovals, one slightly larger than the other.

I measured each oval with a flexible tape measure. I used the tape measure on its side to get the most accurate measurement. Make note of each measurement.

I knew how tall I wanted to make the dish so I used scrap paper to make a mock up. I measured the vertical height at the sides (the wide part of the oval) and the ends so I could make the sides of the dish.

To pattern the sundae dish sides, I drew two lines perpendicular to the edge of the paper the width of HALF the small oval. I then divided that distance in half with another line. The line in the middle should equal the vertical height measurement from the sides of the dish mock up. The two lines on either end should equal the measurement of the dish ends of the mock up.

Draw a smooth, gradual curve to connect the ends with the side measurement. Cut from the paper.

To get the tapered sides of the dish, I used the slash-and-spread patterning technique. I drew parallel lines equal distances apart and cut on the lines (but not all the way through, you want that bottom edge to stay intact). I spread the pieces apart until the top edge equaled half the measurement of the larger oval. Trace around your cut piece and you now have a side piece for your sundae dish.

Step 3: Cut Pieces From Felt

Once you have your pattern pieces cut from paper, you can trace them onto the felt or tape them to the felt.

I personally use a ball point pen to trace around each piece onto the felt. Another option is to use tape to hold the pieces down while you cut around the pattern.

Step 4: Basic Sewing Assembly of Felt Pieces

Before sewing the sides together and to the bottom, I used a bit of white embroidery floss to sew lines on the sides. I wanted to create the illusion of the dish having some texture.

I joined the sides together with a whip stitch. I then used the same stitch to join the sides and the bottom.

Step 5: Making Whipped Cream Topping

To make the little whipped cream topping dollops, cut 4 tear-drop shaped pieces of white felt.

Stack them slightly off alignment and sew down the middle of the stack.

Fold it like a taco and attach it to the ice cream scoop (in the next step).

Step 6: Making the Ice Cream Scoops

I determined how large I wanted each finished ice cream scoop to be based on the size of the top oval of the dish.  I made circles twice the size of the desired finished scoops.

Before gathering the circles into scoops, I attached blobs of contrast felt to look like syrup and attached the whipped cream.

I ran a line of stitches (running stitch) around the outside edge of the circle. I gathered the circle, added a hearty amount of fiberfill and attached the ice cream to the oval for the dish. To attach the ice cream to the oval, I sewed from the underside of the oval, through the folds of the ice cream felt, and back to the underside.

Step 7: Making Strawberries

Now that we have the dish and the ice cream, let's add some fun extras.

I created a pattern for the strawberries by drawing a tear-drop shape (for the cut side of the strawberries) and a quarter circle.

I cut the tear-drop shape out of light pink felt. I used a bit of embroidery floss to simulate the white centers of the strawberries.

The outside was cut from bright red felt. I gathered the rounded edge of the piece and attached it to the light pink "cut side" of the strawberry. When the two pieces were 1/2 way sewn together, I added some fiberfill to keep the berry puffed.

Then I attached the berries to the ice cream.

Step 8: Cookie Sticks

I cut a strip of dark brown felt to make a chocolate center for the cookie. I rolled the dark brown felt like a jelly roll and did a simple whip stitch to hold it together.

I cut a piece of light brown felt just wide enough to cover the dark brown chocolate center.

I then cut a thin strip of dark brown felt to create a chocolate swirl around the outside of the cookie and attached it with a running stitch that showed minimally on the surface.

I attached the cookies to the back of the ice cream by carefully sewing through the cookie and the ice cream.

Step 9: Cherry on Top!

At the last minute, I decided to add a cherry to the top.

I cut a circle from red felt, sewed a running stitch around the outside edge, gathered the circle and added fiberfill.

I carefully stitched the cherry on top of the whipped cream so none of the stitches showed on the outside.

Step 10: Final Assembly

Now that all the goodies are sewn to the sundae dish top, it is ready for final assembly.

I added a good amount of fiberfill to the sundae dish. I carefully aligned the top oval to site correctly on the sides of the dish. I used a few pins to hold it in place while I used a whip stitch to attach the top oval to the sides.

When the top was 75% attached, I added enough fiberfill to make it the dish look how I wanted.

That's it!!

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