Introduction: Felt Pizza Plush

In this instructable you wil learn how to make a pizza plush from felt and cotton.

Please, do not hand this plush to little children, since small parts can be pulled off and they might be dangerous.

Step 1: Supplies

-Assorted colors of felt.
-Sewing thread.
-A pen.
-Textile glue.

Step 2: The Pizza Base

The base os this pizza is formed by two separated parts: The properly named base and the crust.

In order to make the base just cut a round piece of beige felt a little bigger than the size you want your pizza to be.

And now, to make the crust, cut a rectangle of beige felt of the length of the perimeter of the base and about 2.5 times the width you want the crust to be.

Sew this rectangle in order to make a cilinder. This will be the crust.

Then fill the cilinder with cotton. Try not to make it very hard.

Once filled with cotton, make a ring with it and sew one end to the other one.

Then sew the crust to the base and afterwards push the base so it ends in the low part of the crust.

Now it's time to make the filling of your pizza!

Step 3: The First Layer

Most pizzas' first layer is a tomato sauce layer. This one is not an exception.

Before putting any "ingredients" you have to make your pizza's base a bit more resistant.

To archieve that, just cut a piece of cardboard an put it in the crust, right on the base.

Once you have done that, cut a piece of red felt of about the same size of the base (and the cardboard) and paste it on the cardboard.

Now it's time for the cheese (everyone likes some cheese in their pizzas!), so cut a round-wavy form of yellow felt an paste it on the tomato sauce.

In the next step we'll make some ingredients.

Step 4: Making the Ingredients

Now it's time to make your favorite ingredients in order tu put them later on your pizza.

You can make anything you want. In my case, I choose to make the following ones:

-Mushrooms: Just cut mushroom-shaped pieces of brown felt.

-Pickles: Cut some green felt circles, make a small hole in the center of each one an more small holes around it (just like real pickles).

-Ham: You just have to cut rectangle-shaped pieces of pink felt.

-Bacon: Similar to the ham, but pasting strips of white felt on the pink felt squares.

-Black olives: They are small rings of black felt.

-Beetroot: I made this one just to give color to the pizza. Cut some circles of purple felt.

-Cheese: Cut small stripes of yellow and orange felt.

-Onion rings: Simple: Cut white felt rings.

And now, proceed to the final step!

Step 5: Making Your Pizza!

This step is the easiest one: Put the ingredients on your pizza!

Use a bit of textile glue to paste the ingredients on your pizza base. Try to make them look untidy, as if you had just throw them over the pizza.

I recommend putting the cheese stripes over the rest of the ingredients. I know they are small and it's quite boring to put the cheese strips one by one, but they'll make your plush a lot more pizza-like!

This is my first instructable and I hope you liked it!
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