Introduction: Fenugreek Use Made Easy (and Tasty, Safe and Cheap!)

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Many people consume fenugreek for its health benefits, and not for its culinary qualities. I will show you an easy method to take unprocessed, dry seeds while avoiding its bitter notes completely.

Things you will need:

- Dry fenugreek seeds, can be bought quite cheap at many Asian food stores.

- Hot water, a tea cup, a teaspoon and your favorite tea sweetener

Just a note here: it is common knowledge that fenugreek tea is the least potent way to consume this herb, but my method has an extra step which makes it very effective.

Step 1: Brew the Tea

Put a teaspoon or to of dry seeds in a cup and fill it up with boiling water. Add honey or other sweetener to taste.

Let the tea rest a few minutes to cool down. The seeds will sink to the bottom, leaving a clear tea on top that will not taste bitter, actually the taste reminds of liquorice and syrup.

Don't boil the seeds, and don't let it soak for too long, or the tea will taste bitter.

Step 2: Drink the Tea - and Swallow the Seeds!

When the tea have cooled down to a normal hot-beverage drinking temperature, it has a quite nice taste of liquorice and syrup, without any bitter notes.

More important, after soaking in the hot tea for some minutes, the seeds will be soft and easy to swallow without chewing (if chewed, they are quite bitter!). Just think of them like a bunch of small pills, and flush them down with the tea. Of course, the swallowing of the seeds is the real trick here, the tea is just a way to make it easier. Also, dry seeds are kind of sharp and unpleasant to swallow.

Thats it!

>>> As always, consult your doctor before including any herbs in your diet.