Introduction: Ferrari LaFerrari Papercraft

LaFerrari is a limited production hybrid sports car built by Ferrari. LaFerrari literally means "The Ferrari" in most Romance languages, in the sense that it is the "definitive" Ferrari. LaFerrari is the first mild hybrid from Ferrari, providing the highest power output of any Ferrari whilst decreasing fuel consumption by 40%. LaFerrari's internal combustion engine is a mid-rear mounted Ferrari F140 65° V12 with a 6.3-litre (6262 cc) capacity producing 800 PS (588 kW, 789 bhp) @ 9000 rpm and 700 N·m (520 lbf·ft) of torque @ 6,750 rpm, supplemented by a 163 PS (120 kW; 161 bhp) KERS unit (called HY-KERS), which will provide short bursts of extra power. The KERS system adds extra power to the combustion engine's output level for a total of 963 PS (708 kW; 950 bhp) and a combined torque of 900 N·m (664 lb·ft). Ferrari claims CO2 emissions of 330 g/km. The engine's bore and stroke is 94×75.2 mm with a compression ratio of 13.5:1 and a specific power output of 94 kW (128 PS) per litre. It is connected to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and the car is rear-wheel drive.

This instructable provides all the details required to build a LaFerrari on your own.

Step 1: Collect the Materials.

1. A printer

2. A pair of scissors - The sharper the better, I prefer using a shorter pair as they’re easier to control.

3. X-ACTO Knife - It is useful for cutting delicate parts.

4. A used pen for scoring folds.

5. Paper - You can use normal A4 70gsm paper but I would recommend using 120-140gsm A4 Paper.

6. Glue - I used synthetic glue. Fabric glue also works for papercrafts.

7. Sketch Pens - For colouring parts if needed after assembly.

8. A cutting Mat.

9. Ruler.

Step 2: Print

Print the template documents on paper.

Step 3: Scoring

Use a pen to score the folds before cutting so that assembling the model is easier. Do not put too much pressure while scoring.

Step 4: Cut

Cut the paper pieces along the dark lines.

Step 5: Fold

Fold the paper pieces along the dotted lines.

1. ---------- : Mountain Fold

2. -.-.-.-.-.- : Valley Fold

Step 6: Glue

Glue the parts according to the instructions.

Step 7: READY!!!

The Ferrari LaFerrari Papercraft is ready.

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