Introduction: Fiber Glass Statue Short Cuts

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I was a professional theme fabricator under the name IMPACT CONCEPTS and now release my secrets of how to make fiberglass statue.

I only have one photo as I made this about 10 years ago.

Here is how to do it.


You need basic fiberglass knowledge. It is easy ones you know.

You put 5 % catalyst into the resin and have 10 minutes before goes off.

You get a tin of fiberglass and catalyst. Also get some brushes and ice buckets.

What to buy

  • old mannequin bust
  • old jeans
  • stand
  • fiberglass
  • catalyst
  • resin resistant brushes
  • ice buckets lots of them
  • protective floor plastic sheeting
  • sand paper
  • sand or Granosite texture paint
  • etch primer, water based from Wattle
  • flat acrylic paint, not gloss
  • gloss black for the base
  • spray gun, compressor only to apply the edge primer thin
  • paint brushes

So wear protective glasses and if you splash it into your eye rinse with water immediately for a long time.

The catalyst is very dangerous and can eat into your eyes within 15 minutes.

The shortcut is to use a second-hand fiberglass bust or parts of a mannequin. New they mannequins were then $1200 but at auctions when lucky get them in lots. I got a pile back then for $600.

I used some old jeans and put them on. This saves hours of labor, sculpting time and looks instantly realistic.

Then I used an old stand, I picked up at the markets and fiber glassed the stand to it.

Then use the rest of the fiberglass to paint the jeans.

Ones it cured I sanded it and spray painted a THIN layer of edge primer.

When it is applied thinly it sticks. If it is too thick it peels off gain.

Then painted a texture paint on it and brushed it sideways to make it look like real sandstone later.

Texture paint is used outside on a building. It is exterior thick paint with sand in it.

If you do not have texture paint, just add it to any flat acrylic paint or paint it and blow sand on it.

Use protective glasses. Blowing sand gets everywhere. If the piece is lying down, just put sand on it.

Whatever is too much will fall off. The take a dry brush to make the pattern you like.

Ones everything is dry, you can paint it to look like sandstone.

Basically, we used two colors and white and mixed many small batches of the two colors in different shades.

Star painting with the darkest color first. Use try brushes and or sponges to work the paint.

NO protective Cabot's clear floor varnish is needed if used inside.

That's all, enjoy your artwork.