Fibromyalgia Arm Pain Relief!




Introduction: Fibromyalgia Arm Pain Relief!

Before I was even diagnosed with FM (fibromyalgia) I had (possibly) sharply asked someone not to grasp my elbow as it hurts. A friend across from me asked if I had FMS.

Now, since being diagnosed I have encountered that comment numerous times. Apparently arm pain is a common issue in FM sufferers.

That being the case my favorite RMTs (Registered Massage Therapist) gave me this little exercise to do. I have to depend on this fairly often, especially after trying to do more chores than I should, and often in the mornings to just get moving properly. It has been a god send!

It's called Contrast Hydrotherapy.

Step 1: Things You Will Need...

- Music to keep you from getting bored and to time how long you are soaking (not to be placed too close the water tho!)

- a Towel to dry off with and to lay on the sink edge(so you don't soak your shirt)

- A double sink (or failing that 2 sink sized plastic tubs/containers) (sizing...long enough to rest your arms from elbows to hands, and deep enough to cover elbows. )

Step 2: Fill the Sinks!

1)  Fill one sink with the hottest  water you can stand...without burning yourself!!! (I claim no responsibility for 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree burns !!)

2)  Fill the other sink with the coldest  water you can make...even add ice cubes.

3)  Put on your music if you have it! (again, not near the sink :)

Step 3: Take the Plunge!

1)  Put your arms in the hot sink water. Keep them there for3 minutes.

2)  At the 3 minute mark, plunge your arms into the cold water. (try not to scares the neighbours) Keep them there for a half minute.

3)  Repeat several times if you can handle it. I find even the one dip makes a huge difference for my arms!

Your arms will look a bit like a well cooked Lobster now, it's ok they are supposed to

They tingle and feel so light!

Remember to rest for about a half hour after...your muscles need time to settle down!

(pics only show one arm 'cause I had to use the other hand for snapping the picture :)

Step 4: Additional Info Found....

I found this info on a site about hydrotherapy...and yes it was under the arm bath section.

Hot water bath...
Bronchitis, asthma, incipient respiratory infection, circulatory problems, angina pectoris

Cold water bath....
Headaches, sleeplessness.

The Hot water arm bath should be followed by a cold arm dip, then by half an hour's rest

The site I found on hydrotherapy...(no snickering over some of the terminology lol) They give you plenty of uses and warnings etc.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is really useful to know. :) My mom and I both have Fibromyalgia, so the next time I'm hurting I'm going to try this out. <3 Thanks so much for sharing.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for commenting! It reminded me that I have found something else that is helping me immensely. I have been sewing madly for the last few weeks, costuming a play. My arms have been really bad. Hands going numb, biceps seizing etc. Oh and neck pain...aaaargh.
    So I was walking thru the Dollar store and noticed a sheet of tiny magnets. My ex had some from an acupunturist yrs ago for his back. I bought them and placed them, on on each epicondyle area (top n bottome of elbows) where the pain was worst. I put one on the top n bottom of my wrists and one on the muscle that was spasming in my neck causing a steady migraine.
    At the end of the 1st day I was driving home when it occured to me. I wasnt in pain. No headache, no elbow pain when driving!!!!
    The magnets I found are actually hematite stone (a slightly magnetic stone). You can find them in bead stores, rock shops and obviously 1$ stores.
    Magnets work for some people, some people (like my sister) turn into Linda Blair when you put a magnet on her. Either way you will know if it affects you


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Wow that's really unusual. I never would have guessed magnets.
    I'm going to have to put a little research into this and check it out. It shouldn't be all too hard or expensive to experiment at any rate. :)
    Especially cool that it treats migraines as well because that's something that has been causing me a lot of problems and the medicine I'm on to treat them can actually cause more if you take it too often.
    Thank you so so much for sharing your experiences! <3

    Neon Panda
    Neon Panda

    11 years ago on Step 4

    Thanks for posting this- I'm going to try it later! :) x


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 4

    Let me know how it works...I swear by it. When the pain in my elbows gets especially bad it affects how my hands work. lol. After the contrasting it is always better. It helps if you have music to listen to when your arms are in the sink :)
    Oh and remember to rest your arms for about 20 mins after the contrasting. Nothing strenuous.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I relieved my joint pain and tendinitis by the simple expedient of adding lettuce to my diet. Two or three times a week I eat two or three leaves of lettuce, and keep the pain away...


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    thats cool! so does it matter what kind of lettuce? and any idea why it would work? I look into any ideas that I can find.