Introduction: FidgSpin, the Transforming Fidget Spinner

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Meet FidSpin. He's a friendly little robot that can transform into a cube shaped fidget spinner.

The Original design for this robot came from azraelho on Thingaverse. I wasn't happy with the way the 2 body halves joined together so i beefed them up a bit. I then had the idea to make him a fidget spinner. So i added slots for 608 bearings to be pressed into the arms. Despite the weight of the cube not being evenly distributed this little guy spins pretty well.

The added dimension on the arms for the bearings does a great job of locking the whole thing together so he doesn't fly open as you spin him.

This project is also available on MyMiniFactory.

Step 1: STL Files

First file is the full layout ready to print. Everything else is the individual files you'll need to make this unique spinner. I printed mine in PLA using 0.2mm layer height, 20% infill and supports will be needed. Print time will be in the ball park of about 8 hours with these settings.

For assembly you will have to glue the body together. Glue on the pins and the tabs is all you'll need. You will need to clamp him down as the glue dries. I've included a picture of how i clamped him. I uses a couple of 2x2 Lego bricks on his crotch to get a good grip with the clamps.

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