Introduction: Fifi the Talking Fox

Our entry in the Instructables Reuse contest is Fifi the Talking Fox. We used recycled materials to construct our fox and Makey Makey kits to make her talk.

Fifi is your best friend and loves having dance parties and sleepovers. We hope you love our project! Please vote for us!


Toilet paper rolls
Wrapping paper tubes
Tissue paper
Red pompoms
Bottle caps
Plastic Easter eggs
Hot glue
Makey Makey kit

Step 1: Gather the Supplies Listed Below:

Toilet paper rolls, rapping paper tubes, hot glue gun, scissors, tape, six keys, one bolt, two bottle caps, orange, gold, black, and blue markers,orange tissue paper, two small buttons of your choice, six small Pom- poms, two plastic orange Easter eggs, paper, straws, and a pencil

Step 2: Assembling the Foxes Head and Body

Get ten toilet paper rolls ,one rapping paper tube (cut in half)and one roll of tape.Assemble head in tic tac toe pattern. Put four toilet paper rolls next to each other like a square then do another layer on top of the first layer

Step 3: Decorating the Fox Face

Get five keys, two bottle caps, two small buttons, one bolt, one piece of tissue paper and six Pom poms. Cut two triangles out of tissue paper to use as ears. Next, glue keys on both sides of both ears. Next, glue a button inside each bottle cap and use as eyes. Glue one key in the center as a nose. Then, glue the bolt (stuffed with a small piece of tissue paper) on top of the key to complete the nose. Glue six Pom poms in the shape of a smile.

Step 4: Assembling the Fox Legs

Use four toilet paper rolls as legs. Glue half of an Easter egg shell to the bottom of each of the four toilet paper rolls.

Step 5: Assembling the Fox Tail

Use the group of straws as the core of the tail by taping them together as a group. Wrap group of straws with tissue paper and use tape to hold it. Use half of a piece white of paper as the tip of the tail. Cut one edge of the white paper into triangles to appear as a jagged or fluffy tip of the tail. Using tape to secure the tip, wrap the white paper around the tail tip. Glue a key to the back side of the tail for using the Makey Makey kit.

Step 6: Assembling the Fox

Using hot glue, secure the fox head to the fox body. Next, glue all four legs to the fox body. Then, glue the fox tail to the back of the body. Add a white piece of paper (cut into a small circle with jagged edges) to the front of the fox as a white tummy. Finally, make a collar for the fox using a strip of white paper and color as desired. Glue the collar around the neck (just below the head) of the fox.

Step 7: Makey Makey Coding

Using a Makey Makey kit and computer, code desired words for your talking fox. We used three actions: “Hi, I’m Fifithe talking fox and I’m your best friend”, “Dance party” and “Bedtime” (add snoring sounds). Finally, have someone video you using the talking fox with attached Makey Makey as we did.

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