Introduction: Final Fantasy VIII Gunblade Replica

This is one of my ongoing project that I started working on last couple of weeks for the purpose of practice and use for a Squall costume that plan on doing for cosplaying.
The stuff I did use was a big sheet of cardboard, glue both wood glue and hot glue, a cheap metal toy gun (model revolver), foil duct tape (haven't reach that part yet...), black leather( not there either), black and silver paint, various tools (scalpel/x-actoknife, scissors and my trusty dremel), pictures and my own imagination... :) The pictures start with one of the images I found on google and then goes through the pictures I have for now cause it is still a work in progress! If you like it please leave a comment, cause if I get enough feedback I might make a Instructable on how to make one... Though if I do that I think I will make a new one from start so I have real step by step parts from the beginning! Hope you like my first upload on Instructables and I may have to point out that the blade is not done on these pictures and I am still quite new to the Final Fantasy VIII game so please, PLEASE give me NO spoilers cause I haven't passed disc 1 yet... But I got caught by Squall and decided I shall make a costume of him!