Introduction: Finding Nemo Boat!

Since Finding Nemo is one of the greatest movies of all time, I decided to choose a scene from the movie that was by far my favourite — it was the scene where Nemo goes up to the boat, touches it, and the cute little fish goes "he touched the butt!" — I decided to build a replica of the Finding Nemo boat with a button that says "touch me" and as soon as the button is pressed, Nemo pops out of nowhere and starts to make his way to the boat as well as the sound of the cute little fish going "he touched the butt!" in the background. In order to build an interactive recreation of this scene, I had to go through the following procedures.

Step 1: Get Materials

- Styrofoam

- A ruler (or any other measuring device)

- Pencil

- knife or scissors

- Tape

- White glue

- 1 makey-makey

- 1 speakers

- 6 alligator clips

- cardboard

- Aluminium foil

- String (any length longer than 50cm)

Step 2: Planning and Preparing

After drawing a simple sketch of the basics of the project, I decided that I wanted the boat hanging from the ceiling, the speakers coming from behind the boat, and Nemo coming out of nowhere from a table. After doing so, I decided on how big I wanted the boat to be, and I cut out 2 identical shapes out of the styrofoam as well as a bottom base to hold both the sides. I used the first piece of styrofoam I cut out to cut out the second identical one, and when I was cutting the third piece (the one in the middle) I made sure it was the size of my ideal width of the boat.

Step 3: Sticking Everything Together!

After cutting out all the necessary shapes, I had a friend hold down the piece where I wanted it (because the boat curves) while I applied the glue and tape to hold the parts together. Then, I needed new pieces of styrofoam to cover up the back and from of the boat, and I also ended up taping together the tip of the boat. After all of these procedures are done, all that is left to do is cleaning up the edges and making things move!

Step 4: Building the "engine"

The idea behind this is for a motor with a string attached to it to pull Nemo up to the boat by the touch of the a button. The materials needed to build the "engine" are 8 alligator wires, a custom made button (any sort of functioning button should work), makey-makey, 8V battery, a motor, string, some more styrofoam. Firstly, you need to cut a small hole on the bottom of the boat for the string to go through. Then, you need a blocker so that the string won't get caught in the motor itself, I used styrofoam and tape to cover the edge of the motor. Once this is done, there should be a hole at the end of the motor which will where the string will be tied, and the other end will be tied to Nemo (which is the next step). The wires need to be attached to the battery, the button, and the motor in order for the button to work.

Step 5: Building Nemo

Now, it's time to build the main object of this whole project... NEMO!! In order to build Nemo, I first outlined a rough sketch of what I thought Nemo looks like around the size of the 8V battery, I cut it out of the styrofoam and cut out another 4-5 pieces, and glued it together. After building the nemo, I needed a hole near the top of its head in order for the string to have a good hold of it whilst it's being pulled up to the boat.

Step 6: Setup Scratch and Makey-Makey

You need to download the sound clip of the Nemo clip where the fish says "He touched the butt" which can normally be found on youtube. Then, go to and setup your scratch as can be seen in the image. Once this is done, your Makey-makey should be set up so that it follows the instructions you have set on scratch, so place one alligator clip on space, and another on ground and touch the other ends together to ensure that it is working.

Step 7: Making Everything Work!

Once you have your nemo on a string, your motor, and your makey-makey set up, it's not time to put all the pieces together! First, you need to make Nemo conductive, so that when you press the button and he touches the boat, something will react. Take a small piece of aluminium or copper tape and stick it onto the part of Nemo that will be touching the boat, his head. Once you've done this, you now need a something conductive on the boat itself! Take 2 pieces of aluminium foil and stick them on the boat covering as much of where Nemo will hit but make sure these two don't touch each other! Then, connect the alligator wires from the last step, one to each side of the aluminium foil. And last but not least, try it out and see if it works! You're done!