Introduction: Finding the Domestic Paper Coffee Cup in the Wild

Many paper coffee cups are released into the wild every day by unthinking people who feel the cups can survive on their own. This is not accurate, and while some coffee cups are able to adapt, the majority die horrible deaths. Feral paper coffee cups are few and far between and rarely seen.

This instructable is to alert all of you to the problem and advise you on  how to find and rescue some of these poor unfortunate paper coffee cups.

Many paper coffee cups are unable to avoid natural predators such as sun, rain and snow, and even cars. They become victims and their sad carcasses litter the roads and side areas.

Step 1:

Even the smallest of paper coffee cups are not spared from this horrible ordeal, and are left to fend for themselves.

Step 2:

Some, a little more wily than others, are able to hide and survive a little longer. However this is simply a stopgap measure as they can become trapped and pass away, bottoms up.

Step 3:

While some group together for warmth and protection, here you can see that label prejudice has been overcome by basic needs.

These cups may survive a little longer, huddled together by a stone building, however nothing is certain where death and clean up are concerned.

Step 4:

Some even burrow in the ground to attempt to escape their fate, however the only way to really rescue these poor unfortunate paper coffee cups is to re-cycle them into something useful.

This will extend their lives and reduce the paper coffee cups that are reduced to wandering our streets.

Please do not let this plea fall upon deaf ears, there are many paper coffee cups out there that need your help and assistance.

Rescue a paper coffee cup today!


Step 5:

And as you stroll along life's highways and byways, always watch for the pitiful cries of a Paper Coffee Cup left, to wither, at the side of the way.

Please, Please, for Sally Struther's sake, please rescue these lowliest of God's creations, or at least Tim Horton's.......

(here the writer broke down sobbing and was unable to continue......)

(also a reason never to write something like this on a public computer.....)

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