Introduction: Finger Fork

The other day I saw a broken fork on the kitchen.

I remember that when I was I kid, my mom used to tell me all the time not to eat with my fingers, well well she cannot tell me that anymore.

With this gadget you will be able to eat using only your fingers.

It's very easy, and practical!!!!


  • Broken Fork
  • 3D printer

Step 1: File the Border of the Head Fork.

Step 2: Flatten the Head Fork With a Plier.

Step 3: Sketch

I needed to take the measures of the border of the head fork.

Step 4: Design on 360 Fusion.

I designed it, basing on my own finger, that as I am a teenager it is quite small and thin.

Step 5: Printing.

No supports needed, transform the .stl into a .gcode depending on which 3d printed you have, quality you want, speed,...

Step 6: Make Sure It Fits.

Try on your index finger, it's very important that it does not fall when I put my finger upside down.

If it's too big for you, you can just add some silicone on the border if you want.

Step 7: Introduce the Fork.

Again make sure it do not fall when it is upside down.

Step 8: Add Some Glue and That It Is!!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading the same I enjoyed doing it.


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