Introduction: Finger Painting Colorful Trees on a Stone

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In this instructable I'll teach you how to finger paint (yes, FINGER PAINT) these gorgeous trees onto a stone.

For those of you who love video, you can watch the video first!


Acrylic Paint

Beach Stone (or any stone).

Step 1: Paint the Ground

Squeeze some paint onto your finger. I used green and light brown. Gently smear it across the stone where you'd like the ground to be. Make sure you leave some space at the bottom of the rock. This is where we'll be painting the trees reflections later.

Step 2: Paint the Blue Tree

Again squeeze some acrylic paint onto your finger and dab a small area shaped like a tree with blue paint. Put some white and blue on your finger and dab around the top of the tree to make a nice accent.

Step 3: Paint the Orange Tree

Doing the same as the previous step, start with red paint on your finger and dab the bottom of the tree, move onto using orange and dab the middle of the tree, use yellow and orange together to create highlights around the top of the tree.

Step 4: Paint the Green Tree

Again the same as before, put green on your finger and dab the bottom, then move to light green and yellow for the top half of the tree.

Step 5: Paint the Tree Trunks

Using a popsicle stick (or any narrow stick) squeeze some brown onto it and make the trunks of your trees, going up into the trees slightly to create branches. Put white on your stick and add a highlight to the edge of all the tree trunks.

Step 6: Paint the Reflections

Dab some paint onto the stones using the same colors as the trees and directly under them and smear it gently, Not too much color though!

Step 7: Paint the Tree Trunk Reflections

Again using a popsicle stick wiggle the brown for the tree trunk down to the colored reflections so it looks like water is rippling.

Step 8: Paint the Ripples

To make it look like water put white paint on the popsicle stick and make horizontal lines across the area that should be water. This creates a watery ripple look.

ALL FINISHED! You should have a gorgeous rock painting.

Give yourself a pat on the back for creating a gorgeous finger painting.

If you'd like to show off your colorful trees finger painting please send it to me here and I'll post it on the bottom of this post on my website.