Introduction: How to Make Arm Knitting Yarn

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We're going to save money by turning thin yarn into thick yarn.

This works with any type of yarn!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

We're going to triple up the yarn and make a center pull ball out of it.

So you can turn any thin yarn into thick yarn!

Step 2: Tie a Slip Knot

Start by tying a slip know in the end of your yarn.

Step 3: Pull Through the Loop

Pull your working yarn through the slip knot loop, then stretch it out for an arms length.

You should have a newly formed loop at the end of the length.

Step 4: Pull Yarn Through the Loop

Pull yarn through the loop again and continue doing this with the entire length of yarn.

Step 5: Wind Into a Center Pull Ball

You should have a pile something like this.

Grab one end and....

Step 6: Wrap Yarn Around Hand

After you've grabbed the end hang onto it as you gently wrap the new yarn around your hand.

Be sure to hang onto the end as you pull your hand out once it's all wrapped.

Now you have a full ball of thick center pull yarn!