Introduction: Firecrackers With Darts

About: A crazy science (Physics) teacher

Hi everyone. Make a cool cheap reusable firecrackers at home and have fun.

Follow all safety rules and don't put me in troubles.

Step 1: Parts and Steps

You will need:

  • Darts, the cheap ones are the best
  • Long wooden stick/block, I used two wooden rulers
  • Screw, slightly longer than the metal part of the darts and slightly loose inside of it
  • Rubber/elastic band
  • Matches
  1. Unscrew the darts and either hammer it in the wooden block or heat it up and push it in the plastic part of the darts.
  2. Attach the screw to the elastic band and the bottom of the metal part, to keep the screw in place.
  3. Remove the tip of 3-5 matches, turn it to a fine powder and pour it inside the darts
  4. place the screw on top in place and hit it hard to hear a loud bang
  5. You can keep repeating the fun as long as you have matches.

Tip: for better reaction and louder bang, you can scratch the side of the matchbox and add it to the match powder

Step 2: Video With Full Instruction