Introduction: Magical Wand. Tesla Coil

About: A crazy science (Physics) teacher

Hi everyone. I started to make a Tesla coil based on the classic circuit you find everywhere o n internet and i ended up with having an overheated transistor which stopped my circuit from working after 1 second.

I have modified the circuit by using two transistors (same model, 2N2222A) in parallel, two 22k resistors in Parallel too and two LEDs (diodes) in series. You can see the circuit (image) and the Steps + result in the video.

Step 1: Components and Circuit

You will need:

  • Magnet wire 26 AWG
  • Resistor 22K x2
  • PVC or Cardboard tube, 2.5 cm x 10-15 cm
  • Transistor 2N2222A x2
  • Normal copper wire 1mm x 20cm
  • LED or Diode x2
  • Florescent lamp for testing
  • Soldering iron and wire
  • 9V battery
  • Battery terminal
  • Switch
  • Small piece of aluminium foil
  • A ping pong ball or anything similar

Follow the circuit and connect all the components together. Make sure everything is connected in the right direction or it will not work.

Step 2: Testing and Packing

Turn the switch on while the lamp is close to the secondary coil.

If the lamp goes on, it's time to gently pack everything inside the tube (you need a cut in the tube).

Make sure there's no unwanted connection between the components while fitting them inside the tube.

Wrap your tube with your desirable colour paper and enjoy working with your magical wand AKA mini Tesla coil

Step 3: Optional Part

If you like, you can use something like a ping pong ball , wrap an aluminium foil around it, connect the loose end of the secondary coil to the foil and stick the globe at the top of your wand for a better result.