Introduction: Glow in the Dark Tree. Decoration and Gifts

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Hi everyone. I've made a desktop glow in the dark Christmas tree out of plastic bottles. Also some paper decoration plus pop up cards and light up cards. All the details and steps are in the video. Feel free to ask me any question.

Step 1: Glow in the Dark Tree

  • 6 empty plastic bottles
  • 1 bigger size bottle for the base
  • Glow in the dark glue
  • Hot glue

  1. Cut the 6 Bottles from different height. Mine was 7,9,11,13,15 and 17 cm from the top
  2. Cut 1 centimeter strips from all around the bottles while the bottom of the strips are still attached to the neck of the bottles
  3. Place each bottle on the table and push it down, make the strips open outwards and almost flat
  4. Cut the big bottle 15cm from the top and place it on the table
  5. start gluing the bottles from the longest on to the shortest one on top of the big bottle (base)
  6. If you like, you can paint your tree. I kept mine original colour as it was green
  7. Place some drop of glow in the dark glue in different part of your tree to make nice glowing in the dark

Step 2: Paper Decoration and the Star

Depend on the size you require, you can chose different size and different colour paper. I used A4

for decoration, you need a circle cut. then fold it 3 times and start cutting horizontal lines on the paper from right and left.

Make two of them and glue the edges together. the first part is ready.

The more you make the longer the decoration. follow the cutting pattern in the video please.

For the star, you will need a 12 long (around 15 cm) strips of paper or plastic. The longer the strips the bigger the star.

Width can be anything between 0.5 cm to 2 cm. Again it's up to you.

First you need 6 of the. put 3 next to each other and the other 3 on top like a plus sign.Glue the connecting parts and then glue the tip of the corner strips together. Repeat this step for the other 6 strips and then connect them both together to form a star shape. Please watch the video for the full pattern and design

Step 3: Video With Full Instruction

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