Introduction: Firefly Mason Jar

Fun easy project to do with your kids, ages 7 and above


Mason Jar Firefly, What you will need. Mason Jar metal lid works best
A resistor to go between battery and LED LED, your choice on color but clear works best, One two or three, Bare wire or electrical wire, less than an inch, one 9volt battery and 9 volt connector Solder iron and soldering. Switch any kind will do. A needle nose pliers. Crimp holder with two jaws makes the job easier

Step 1: Solder Led and Resistor Together

Step 2: Solder Your Switch to LED and to Battery Connector

Solder your switch to LED and to Battery connector. Now take one of your two pieces of command tape and place on back of switch. Place on battery, use second piece of command tape to the other side of battery. Place this firmly on lid interior. Tuck wires into cap but let the led hang down in the jar.

Note if you really want the wow factor use bare wire and connect more LEDs in a string. This will make the wires nearly translucent to the human eye. You can also use a black sharpe to darken wires down.

Place lid on Jar and tell a story about the time you caught firelies

Step 3:

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