Introduction: First Blade / Blade of Cain (Supernatural) DIY

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In October I decided to make a Christmas calendar for my girlfriend,

She really like Supernatural so i made it Supernatural themed and made the 3 main blades (First Blade, Angle Blade and Demon Blade) as the big gifts.

So now I am going to show you how i made the First Blade (the most successful of the tree)

The "original" blade is made out of a donkey's jawbone and to replicate this i have used paper clay.

For this you will need:


  • Paper
  • Wood Board 15mm thick
  • Paper clay
  • Light and dark brown hobby paint
  • Clear coat spray paint
  • Imitation Leather 35cm x 20cm
  • Hot glue


  • Exacto knife
  • Knife
  • Jigsaw
  • Metal spatula
  • Fine paint brush
  • Dremel tool
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1: Make Template and Cut It Out of Wood (15mm)

First find a photo of the blade on google and make a template, use your hand as reference to the size and length so the blade is perfect for you.

Then draw the template on to a piece of 15mm thick wood, and cut this out with a jigsaw.

Now use a knife to make a edge on the blade.

Step 2: Cover the Blade in Paper Clay

Now take the Wood cut out and start Covering it with paper clay.

Have a reference photo with you and try to replicate the shape.

You can use your fingers to make the shape and finish with the metal spatula so your fingerprints do not stay in the clay.

If the clay dries up and gets hard to work with just dab it with some water.

After you have covered the Blade in paper clay add the teeth.

Use your Reference photo to make the teeth accurate and use a dab of water to make them stick to the blade.

Then let it dry.

After it has dried it will leave some cracks in the clay, this is not a mistake but a nice detail, we are after all replicating a old bone and i think the cracks really make it look good.

And finally take a dremel tool with a stone bit to shape the teeth.

Step 3: Paint and Weathering the Blade

First Take the clear coat spray paint and spray the Blade twice, this seals the clay so it wont absorb the paint and we can weather it.

Then take the light brown paint and apply it to the Blade (not the teeth), then let it "dry" for about 2 sec and rub it of with some paper towels, do this 3 times and apply some more paint in the cracks.

Try it out on the hilt first as a test to see if the color works.

Now take the dark brown paint and apply it to the bottom of the teeth and rub it off to make the teeth stand out.

Let it dry for about 20min.

Step 4: Apply the Imitation Leather

For this i used a old black imitation leather handbag i got form my local thrift shop.

I cut it up in pieces (one 35cm X 5cm and one 10cm X 20cm)

First take the 35cm X 5cm piece and cut it in to ribbons (length 35cm, width 1cm)

Then take the 10cm X 20cm piece and wrap it around the hilt, make sure it fits the hilt and goes around at least ones.

Now take the glue gun and apply glue to the hilt,then wrap the 10cm X 20cm piece on to the hilt.

Then take two ribbons and wrap it around the Hand guard so it makes a "X" (see the third picture)

Take the tree remaining ribbons and wrap the top and bottom of the hilt and the top of the "X" and glue them on to the Blade.

Remove the excess glue and use a Black magic marker to cover up the joints.

Step 5: Paint the Details

The final step is to paint the markings on to the bottom of the blade (just above the hand guard)

For this i used a sharp pencil and the dark brown hobby paint.

First take your reference photo out and start to draw the markings on to the blade with the sharp pencil, this will work as a guide line for the painting.

When that is done take a fine brush and apply the dark brown hobby paint (be extremely careful)

Make sure you got the lines joined up on both sides so it looks good and that the dots are not to big.

When you have Painted both sides let it dry for about 2 hours.

And that's it!
If you decide to make your own please send me a photo :-) And please check out my video

and i will be making the stand for the First Blade so stay tuned ;)

~Bendik Mong

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