Introduction: Katara Necklace (Avatar)

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Avatar is one of my and my gf favorite shows of all time

so i decided to make Katara's Necklace as a gift.

For this you need:


  • Thermoplastic (half a table spoon)
  • Blue food color
  • Blue ribbon (40cm long X 2,5cm wide)
  • Copper clamp for pipe
  • Metal Wire 1mm
  • Glue on Velcro


  • Water kettle
  • Baking paper
  • Stirring stick
  • Metal bowl (for the Thermoplastic)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire Cutter (small)
  • Hammer
  • Metal scissors

Step 1: Making the Medallion

Heat up water and pore it in to a metal bowl,

ad a half table spoon of thermoplastic and let it turn transparent.

Wait 1 min and then remove the water.

Now take the thermoplastic out and add the food color.

Use your hands to work the color in to the thermoplastic.

I recommend you let the thermoplastic totally cool down to check if the color is correct and if not heat it up and apply the food color one more time.

For the cooling of the thermoplastic i used my freezer but you can just let it cool down in room temp it just takes a bit longer.

Wile you wait for the thermoplastic to cool down take the metal string and by using a reference photo and a pair of needle noes pliers make the shape of the carvings in the medallion. (see picture 4)

Now when you are satisfied with the color of the thermoplastic heat it up again,

when it is transparent take it in to your palms and role it in to a ball.

Then place the ball on to the baking paper and use a flat surface to flatten the ball so it is about 6mm thick,

Remove the backing paper from the top of the medallion and place the metal strings (in the shape of the carvings) on to the medallion and place the baking paper over it and use a flat surface to press them down in to the medallion.

When it has cooled remove the metal strings and there you got the medallion.

Step 2: Making and Fastening the Clamp

Take the copper clamp (see picture 1) and flatten it with a hammer with a stirring stick in between.

When it is flat draw the shape of the clamp for the medallion on to the copper and cut it out with a pair of metal scissors.

Now take a pair of needle nosed piers and bend the end of the copper (ca 3mm) and use a soldering iron to heat it up and melt it in to the medallion, then let it cool down.

Then bend the copper again 5mm over the medallion and again 5mm so it touches the back of the medallion (see picture 8 and 9)

Take the blue ribbon and cut a hole for the copper clamp in the middle of the ribbon and about 2/3 up.

Put the clamp on to the ribbon and make sure the clamp does not extend over the thermoplastic, if it does cut of the excess (see picture 11 and 12)

Then glue the clamp on to the ribbon using hot glue, cover the hot glue with baking paper and use a flat surface to flatten it, let the hot glue cool down and remove the baking paper.

some times the hot glue heats up the copper clamp and that in turn heats up the thermoplastic so be careful.

The final step is to measure the length of the ribbon to your own neck and cut it so it has a 4cm excess, then take the glue on Velcro and glue it on.

Now it is complete!

If you liked this make sure you check out my video

and if you make your own please send picture :-)

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