Introduction: Stand for the First Blade (Supernatural)

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I have made a stand for the first blade form supernatural so it has a place on my shelf.

This is my tutorial.

for this you need:


  • 15mm wood shelf panel
  • 20mm wood screws X5
  • wood glue
  • black paint


  • band saw\jigsaw
  • screwdriver
  • drill
  • dremel tool
  • sandpaper
  • paint brush

Step 1: Cut Out the Parts

This is my drawings i have made of the First blade stand.

Draw this on to the wood, and use a bandsaw\jigsaw to cut this out.

To make the two base plates look more like the prop used in the series i cut the edges of the plates at 30 degrees angle.

Now to make the First blade fit in the stand you need to make two notches in the top of the stand,

make sure that the notches fit the blade and handle.

Use the top stand to check were the hole in the top base plate is going to be and use a drill and jigsaw to make the hole.

And finally sand down the edges.

Step 2: Ensemble the Parts and Paint

Now take the base plates and use wood glue and 4 wood screws to join them together.

Then take a dremel toll or a drill and make a guide hole for the screw that is going thru the base and in to the top of the stand.

Apply some wood glue to the top of the stand and screw this in to place (make sure that this is straight)

When the glue is dry take some black paint and paint the stand in 2 layers.

Step 3: Finished

That is my tutorial on the stand for the First Blade.

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