Introduction: Fish Automata

10 steps on how to make a fish automata


cardboard, paint, wooden dowels, hot glue

Step 1: Base Pieces

Step 1: Cut the pieces of cardboard needed for the base of the automata and paint them blue

Step 2: Three Fish

Step 2: Cut out three fish made of cardboard and paint them all different colors(these are going to be coming out the top)

Step 3: Cutting Oval Pieces and Putting in Holes

Step 3: Cut 6 oval like pieces of cardboard and hot glued two of them together, which gave 3 oval pieces. Put holes in each at a different spot

Step 4: Hot Glueing Base

Step 4: After the paint dried on the base put it together with hot glue

Step 5: Hot Glueing the Oval Pieces

Step 5: Thread the three cardboard ovals through the dowel and hot glue them into place. Make sure they are all at different heights

Step 6: Cardboard Sides

Step 6: Add cardboard sides to the base and another piece across the top

Step 7: Cardboard Piece

Step 7: Put another cardboard piece with holes across the middle to stabilize the dowels coming through

Step 8: Adding Dowels and Cardboard Squares to the Fish

Step 8: Hot glue dowels to each of the fish and make each of the dowels a different length. Hot glue a little cardboard square to the bottom of each

Step 9: Handle and Threading the Dowel

Step 9: Thread the dowels through the holes on each side and add a little handle on the bottom right side that connects to the dowel going through the base

Step 10:

Finish painting the missing spots that need paint

Step 11: Finished Product