Introduction: Fish Bowl Terrairium.

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Hey! You wanna build a fish bowl terrarium? Well you've come to the right spot! Lets get started!

Step 1: Getting the Materials

These are the materials that I used but you could choose different:

-Moss==A little more than enough to cover the top layer.

-Small smooth rocks===== A lot of it!

-Dirt or sand

-Small Plants

-Plastic Wrap

-Fish Bowl


-Activated Charcoal (for air)

Step 2: Putting the Items in the Bowl.

I didn't put any pictures because making a terrarium is all about your style. Though I did include some guidelines. In your terrarium you want some of the rocks on the bottom of your bowl then some moss. This will act as a cleaning station for recycling water. Then if you got the activated Charcoal place that next. Next you will want to place your dirt or sand on top of the moss or charcoal. After that re-plant the small plant(s). Then put the moss around the plant and then put some rocks on top of that. After you have done all of that spray some water into the bowl(not to much, it's better to underwater then to drown your plants!).

Step 3: Re-Organizing and Finishing.

If you don't like the way you have done your terrarium try adding more or taking away some stuff. Take a paper towel, get it wet, and wash the sides so they're free of dirt. Then place the plastic wrap over the top of the fish bowl. After you completed it, it should look like your taste!

Step 4: Caring for Your Terrarium!

To care for your new terrarium you should take to plastic wrap off of it every two weeks or so to let used air out and fresh air in. This also helps to evaporate over used water so you can put new water in. You should leave the plastic wrap off of the fish tank for about a day or so before putting it back on.

UPDATE 12/23/14

after about two years the plants are doing super well! I put another plant in and, man, it grew so much!