Introduction: Fish Tank Light

To make a fish tank light safe for my daughter's bedroom.


1 X LED strip light... 1.49 eur.

Step 1: We Had a Problem... and Most Good Ideas Come When There Is a Specific Problem to Solve

My daughter was 9 and really wanted fish in her bedroom but we were worried that the fluorescent light connected to the 230V AC was a bit too easy for her to get wet ( even if by accident).
The solution was an LED strip powered by batteries.

Step 2: Removed the Fluorescent Bulb and Associated Electronice

This just requires a screwdriver and a bit of patience
To work out how it was put together.

Step 3: Apply LED Strip to the Cover

The LED strip was bought for 1.49 euro in a thrift shop.
It has a sticky back and stuck easily to the metal reflector in the top if the fish tank

Step 4: Insert Batteries

The unit runs on 3 X AA batteries. Insert, switch in and hey presto! Safe lighting for the fish and my daughter.

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