Introduction: Fish Tank With a Mini Waterfall

Now Its a Fish Tank with a mini waterfall.It can be kept indoor or outdoor.

Step 1: Things Needed.

Here's the things needed.

  1. A glass(It must about 1 inch bigger than the tank).
  2. Small rocks and Big rocks.
  3. Piece of Rigifoam.
  4. 2 L Brackets.
  5. Self planting Aquarium Seeds.
  6. Water pump with leds.
  7. LEDs with different colors.
  8. 9v Batteries.
  9. 9v Battery Holders.
  10. Small piece of a straw.
  11. Fish Tank plants.
  12. Aquarium Wallpaper.
  13. Aquarium plants.
  14. Fabric Paint.
  15. A LED Ring.

Step 2: Assemble of Rocks

Now the first is to assemble the large rocks to make the Mini Waterfall. In here we take the rigifoam as a structure to the mini waterfall. You want to keep the rocks in the way you like and hot glue them. After that you can hot glue the small rocks. Remember that the rock assemble is only happen on the top of the glass.

Step 3: Planting

Now you want to plant the self planting aquarium seeds. The first thing to plant is keeping the seeds in the fish tank and you want spray water one time per day. And must continue the process for about 14 days. Don't worry you can always keep small rocks instead of plants.

Step 4: Brackets

In here I did mistake to paste the Aquarium Wallpaper before fixing the bracket. Well you don't have to do that and you can paste the Aquarium wallpaper before fixing the wallpaper.

Step 5: Schematic

Now you want to make the circuit as shown(I make three of the first LED circuit) . After all things done in the glass you can fix in the top as shown. You can keep the Batteries in the back of the rigifoam. Remember to place the LED ring in the side of the tank.

Step 6: Hot Glue

Now hot gluing parts. The first one is the water pump you want to hot glue the pipe of the water pump. Then fix it inside the fish tank. Then you want to hot glue the pipe of the water pump in the front of the mini waterfall. Remember to hot glue the small piece of straw as shown.

Step 7: Plants Again

Now place two Aquarium plant as shown.

Step 8: Done!

Now Add water, fishes and turn on the LEDs and the water pump and you are ready to go. I WISH YOU A GOOD LUCK ON MAKING YOUR OWN FISH TANK WITH A MINI WATERFALL.

Now if you like this project make sure to vote me. If you have any questions comment them down below.

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