Introduction: Fish-shaped Potato Mash With Tuna

Hi! Today we're gonna be making a potato and tuna based fake-fish! I think it is a delicious recipe for a family dinner and a great way to experiment with shapes and food "sculpture". No cooking needed, just a mixer and your ability! I hope you'll have fun making it as much as I did :)


  • 1 kg boiled potatoes
  • 400gr tuna in extra virgin olive oil
  • Anchovy fillet
  • pickled peppers
  • Pitted olives
  • (optional) capers
  • Mayonnaise

Step 1: Making the Tuna Mousse

Put 400gr of tuna, a handful of washed and squeezed salted capers, 7 pitted olives and 3-4 anchovy fillets in a mixer. Mix everything together until you get something like the fourth photo.

Step 2: Adding Potatoes

I prefer not to blend the potatoes. Instead, I crush them with a fork, but you can use a potato masher if you like. When you're done, add a pinch of salt (not too much, because the tuna condiment is pretty salty already!), then mix it with the tuna mousse using a fork or a spatula. If you want and you like, you can add a few more capers in this step.

Step 3: Getting Hands Dirty!

What you have to do now is to free your imagination! Put the dough on a plate and try shaping it like a fish. I suggest you to moisten your hands, so the surface will turn out smoother. If you want, you can also use a straight knife to shape the fish even better :)

Step 4: Adding Mayonnaise Glaze

It is now time to cover the fish with mayonnaise! You don't have to make a shiny surface, because we'll be covering it with more decoration!

Step 5: More Mayo Decoration!

Using a tube of mayonnaise, we can now highlight the shape of the fish and make a few more decorations. I suggest you to cover the side too, using the tip of a knife to join each "strip" of mayo.

Step 6: Adding Peppers and Olives

It is now time to add pickled peppers and olives to further decorate the fish. Cut them to the appropriate shapes in order to fit them inside the mayo scales you made in the previous step.

Step 7: Done!

Your fish-shaped potato mash and tuna is finished! Time to finally eat it! Mmmmh, delicious!!!

I hope you had fun following this recipe, let me know if you make your own :)

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