Introduction: Fitting an Unfitted Insole

This instructables started when my wife buy an unfitted insole for her shoe and I have assigned to install the insole. And the worse part is the existing insole cannot be removed.

what you need:
1. new insole
2. recycle paper
3. pencil
4. scissor

and of course you need a shoe to install the new insole...

Step 1: Insert the Recycle Paper

1. I use a recycle paper to insert in the shoe and trace the existing insole to get the outline of the existing insole.

Step 2: Trace the Existing Insole

2. I trace both pair (even so I know it's mirrored) as to compare the best tracing I had for my next step.

Step 3: Cut Out the Traced Existing Insole

3. Cut out the traced existing insole.

Step 4: Allign the Traced Existing Insole

4. Allign the traced existing insole with the new insole to get the best suit.

Step 5: Mark and Cut Out the New Insole

5. Mark the traced existing insole on the new insole and cut out the new insole base on the marking.

Step 6: Install the New Insole and Fitting

6. Install the new insole and I asked my wife to fit it first before I cut out the other pair.

Walla! Done.