Introduction: Fitting Wardrobe

How to efficiently use the space of an wardrobe.
From one layer of hangers to two layers.
Pants stays unfolded on the doors
And belts stays untangled on a HDD magnet on the door.

Step 1: Needed Materials

1. wood board (or any other material that can be easy cut like wood)

2. a wooden broom tail (or a rezistent pipe, *PVC pipes usually bends too much, so I don't recommend )

3. 1m of chain (about 3$)

4. a Neodymium magnet from a HDD (big classic pc HDD, not from laptop HDD's, in this case you'll need 2 or 3 magnets.)

5. 8 to 10 wood screws

Step 2: Two Layers Hangers - Preparing&assembling Materials.

This step it's about measuring, cutting and... screwing.

1. cut the broom stick (or pipe) to the length of the original hangers stick from your wardrobe.

2. measure the height of the wardrobe.
1st stick should be about 2 cm under the wardrobe ceiling and the 2nd one at the half distances between 1st stick and base of the wardrobe.

3. take down the supports of the actual stick hanger and screw them back in the new position (for one of the sticks and for the 2nd one, cut the wooden board like in the image.)
It will be enough two 2x4x4cm pieces.
And screw them too.

Step 3: Pants on the Door - Preparing&assembling Materials.

This step too is about measuring, cutting (less) and screwing.

1. measure where the chain should be (depends of the width of the door and the height of your pants)

2. cut the chain in half (if you want to put on both doors)

3. screw the chain.
I saw that I can put maximum 4 pairs of pants on a door.

Step 4: Belts on the Door - Preparing&assembling Materials

1. put the magnet on the door and:
- IF hard wood
THEN mark the holes and drill them
ELSE go to next point

2. screw the magnet on the door.

Step 5: What You Get?

- space for more clothes (yours, friends, gf, etc)
- ironed pants stays that way
- belts stays untangled and accessible

Hope you find this useful ;)

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